Trying To Conceive Myth #9 – IVF will allow you to conceive at any age*

This myth could well be the most common of them all. There appears to be a growing school of thought which suggests that having children can be postponed to later in life. This is frequently qualified by an intention to go down the IVF path if confronted with difficulty. Contrary to the ease at which this point of view is expressed, the problematic nature of this plan is significant.

Dr Minna Geisler from The Waterstone Clinic in Ireland quoted some very eye opening statistics from the CDC in the United States. The chance of one completed IVF cycle in leading to a birth is between 40-50% when the prospective mother is under the age of 35. This probability is reduced to 20-25% at 38-40 years and then to a very low 4-5% chance when over the age of 42.

It is important to understand a treatment is yet to be developed which can reliably and significantly improve egg quality. So, if you are planning on postponing having children, please be aware you will be doing so with an egg quality which will be consistent with your age.

I would advise you ignore what is reported in the media. The stories of celebrities having children well into their forties tend to omit that donor eggs would have been used. Also ignore the stories about mature women who were able to conceive naturally. Although this is possible, at some of the ages reported, is not probable.

*This is the ninth of a list of 13 myths concerning conception which was compiled by Dr Minna Geisler from The Waterstone Clinic in Ireland.

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