Endometriosis: Part 2 – The Symptoms

In last week’s blog a simple explanation of endometriosis was offered. If you are unsure of what endometriosis is, please refer to the blog titled “Endometriosis: Part 1 – What Is It?”. This week’s blog will address the symptoms associated with endometriosis. These include:

Endometriosis Pain

Pain – This is the most common symptom of endometriosis and it occurs in the abdominal region, back and pelvis. It is mostly experienced before or during a period as well as at ovulation. Sexual intercourse may also cause pain, so too can passing stools and wind.

Period– Most women with endometriosis experience abnormalities with their period. This can involve heaving bleeding; irregular cycles or long periods. Bleeding or spotting may also occur before the period.

Vagina– A searing or tearing pain may be felt during sex or when inserting a tampon. This occurs in response the natural reflex tightening of the muscles in the wall of the vagina.

Bowel and Bladder– Stool patterns may change leading to constipation or diarrhoea. There may me an increase the frequency of urination. Bleeding can also come from both the bowel and the bladder.

Bloating– This is experienced in the abdominal area around the time of menstruation.

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