Frozen embryos: The give and take of a new ethical problem in IVF

Late last week, Professor Jenni Millbank from the University of Technology (Sydney) proposed that embryo donation could become more prevalent in the future. She reported that donated embryos led to the birth of 39 children in 2009 between Australia and New Zealand.

Prof. Millbank conducted a study to assess the attitudes on embryo donation amongst those who had frozen embryos in storage. Of the 349 people surveyed, 27% said they would donate their unwanted embryos, and 31% said they would take it into consideration. Prof. Millbank suggested donation of unwanted frozen embryos could be a possible solution to the difficulty which is currently experienced by Australians who are trying to adopt children.

What do you think?

Would you donate your stored frozen embryo if you no longer required it?

Would you accept a frozen embryo from a donor?

Should this be treated any differently than our current arrangements which we have in place for either egg donation or adoption?

Reference: Julie Robtham. Solution to the problem of infertility: give away your spare embryos. The Sydney Morning Herald; 02/12/11

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