Trying To Conceive Myth #7 – IVF is the Only Treatment Option*

IVF is not the only treatment option for infertility. From a medical science perspective, there are a number of fertility problems which can be resolved by other forms of treatment. In addition, there are simple things, which when addressed, may help. Some examples of these include: Ovulation treatment– This involves taking medication to induce ovulation. […]

Trying To Conceive Myth #4 – Sex Is Best Timed At Ovulation*

I think is not so much of a myth, but a misunderstanding. I am repeatedly amazed by the number of patients, who during an initial consultation, have revealed their lack of understanding in regards to the ideal timing of intercourse. This surprisingly can even still be the case after previous medical consultation. Surely the timing

Trying To Conceive Myth #1 – Getting Pregnant Will Be Easy*

Falling pregnant is not necessarily easy. Given infertility is a topic which is usually not openly discussed, its prevalence in those amongst us, largely goes unnoticed. Consequently, it is more common than many realise. One in six couples in Australia will experience difficulties conceiving. A formal diagnosis of infertility can be given once a couple

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