Trying To Conceive Myth #5 – Lifting Legs During Sex Helps*

This myth is one which I do not come across often. It suggests that the act of the female lifting her legs during sex will aid conception. To clarify, this myth is assuming the female is laying on her back during intercourse. The lifting of the legs is thought to angle to pelvis so as to enable gravity to assist the sperm to pass through the cervix. There is no solid evidence to support this claim. No posturing of the body during or after sex has been found to facilitate conception.

So, what are the factors which do make a difference? The answer for the men is quality sperm, and for the women, cervical mucus. In order for the sperm to play its role, it needs to be plentiful and be able to move. Sperm count and motility can be easily tested with an andrology test. If both of these are within normal range, it will indicate there are numerous sperm which are capable to making the journey to meet the egg. Cervical mucus is released during the build-up to ovulation. The volume and viscosity changes as ovulation draws nearer. This mucus works as the conduit through which the sperm can swim. Ideally the volume of the cervical mucus will increase (peak) just before ovulation. In addition, the viscosity will change to resemble that of “egg white”.

*This is the fifth of a list of 13 myths concerning conception which was compiled by Dr Minna Geisler from The Waterstone Clinic in Ireland.

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