Pregnancy: demand to induce Christmas babies

Recently in the Australian media there has been reporting on how there is an increased demand for induced labours around Christmas time. The practice is said to more typically on the increase amongst expecting mothers who already have children at home. Reportedly, they prefer to be home on Christmas day with their family than to be in hospital giving birth.

Obstetricians are familiar with this practice and have accepted it as another reason to perform what they term as a “social induction”. Some social commentators are surprised such a practice exists and that there is such a term as “social inductions”. Obstetricians have highlighted the real medical risks to both mother and child involved in such practices. These are increased risks of a longer labour as well as the use of forceps, both of which are stressful for the baby.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Are the social commentators being too precious? Does an expecting mother have the right to make an informed choice? Or could this be an example of what some claim to be a self centred attitude of the “now” generation?

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