IVF: Saliva test to measure hormones renders blood tests obsolete.

Blood tests for patients undergoing IVF therapy may become a thing of the past. Researchers at the respected Boston IVF have developed a saliva test to replace the daily blood test which was needed to monitor hormone levels.

The procedure for the saliva test simply requires IVF patients to spit into a container which is then sealed and handed in for analysis. This will save IVF patients from receiving six to seven blood sticks within a few days. The new process will make IVF therapy more user friendly both in terms of comfort and convenience. It is a common problem amongst IVF patients to find time to be away from work to attend blood tests. No longer will it be also necessary for IVF patients to make up excuses to employers in order to explain absences from work. More importantly, the net effect of the test will contribute to reducing the amount of stress that IVF patients experience during their treatment. It has been reported that stress is a major reason why many IVF patients choose to discontinue treatment.

Boston IVF is trying to sell the test commercially and they are hoping to have it available across the United States in the near future. To date, no plans have been announced to distribute the test overseas.

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