If I receive acupuncture treatment as an adjunct to IVF, what can you guarantee?

Due to the wide variety of causes of infertility, the Fertility and IVF Acupuncture clinic avoids making general sweeping promises on the outcomes of their fertility treatments. Each fertility case needs to be assessed individually.

When IVF therapy is combined with acupuncture treatment, an extra one in ten patients will have a positive pregnancy compared to those who just received IVF. So, the best indication of your chances of falling pregnant is based on the success rate of the IVF clinic from which you will receive your treatment. Your IVF specialist will be able give you an indication of your chances taking into consideration the cause of your infertility. If you simply add on extra 10% to this figure, you will then have the total probability of a pregnancy in combination with acupuncture. Dr Wilson encourages you to seek advice from your IVF specialist. Often patients misinterpret/misunderstand the conditions on which general pregnancy rates from IVF clinics are based.

The chances of a positive pregnancy when combining acupuncture with IVF therapy are encouraging. Fertility patients however do need to be mindful that not all IVF patients fall pregnant even when they combine their IVF treatment with acupuncture. At the Fertility and IVF Acupuncture clinic, we encourage our IVF patients to be optimistic. We do however also like them to be aware that although the odds of success are promising, success is not guaranteed.

When acupuncture is used as an adjunct to IVF therapy, the acupuncture is very much a secondary determinant on the outcome. The major determinant in a successful pregnancy is more due to the IVF intervention. In addition to this, acupuncture does not have the capacity to rectify any therapeutic short comings in an IVF treatment.

The Fertility and IVF Acupuncture clinic can guarantee to conduct its business in accordance with the highest principals and ethics. Dr Wilson prides himself on speaking honestly and never over promising. He has a no fuss approach and gives fair assessments on the likelihood he can treat the cause of infertility as presented in each patient. Dr Wilson guarantees to open the Fertility and IVF Acupuncture Clinic on transfer day, regardless of the day or time, for all patients who commence their acupuncture treatment at the start of their IVF cycle.

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