Endometriosis: Part 5 – Why Is Treatment Important?

endometriosisIn an early blog post it was pointed out that endometriosis is the growth of the endometrium (the lining of the uterus) outside of the uterus. For a more detailed explanation, refer to the previous blog titled “Endometriosis: Part 1 – What Is It?”. Given endometriosis is outside of the uterus, and not causing a problem within the uterus, then it may be assumed there is no risk of a problem. There are however two possible ways endometriosis can still affect fertility.


The female reproductive system is made up of more than just the uterus. Blockages in these other areas can be detrimental to fertility. The most obvious one being, the potential blockage of the fallopian tubes.


In the most recent research there is a growing body evidence suggesting that within the peritoneal fluid of women who have endometriosis, there are increased levels of cells called cytokines. These cells are suspected of playing a role in endometriosis related infertility. Though further research is needed for clarification. Researchers are uncertain of the critical point where the severity of the endometriosis will indicate a fertility related issue with the cytokines.

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