Does it make a difference as to which IVF clinic I attend?

It does not matter which IVF clinic you are attending for your IVF therapy. The Fertility and IVF Acupuncture clinic will be able to provide you with infertility acupuncture treatments irrespective of which IVF clinic you attend. Each of the respective IVF clinics in Sydney have their own unique treatment protocols. Though, since acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine both operate on a completely different paradigm, your choice of IVF clinic does not influence the IVF acupuncture treatments you will receive at the Fertility and IVF Acupuncture Clinic.

When you start your IVF treatment, it is important you do take note of the expected timing of the various stages of the IVF treatment. This will in turn affect the IVF acupuncture treatment protocol you will receive. During your treatment Dr Wilson will let you know which information he requires to assist his treatment.

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