Do I need to have both the before and after transfer acupuncture treatments?

Yes, you will need to receive acupuncture both before and after your IVF transfer.
This is consistent with the acupuncture treatment protocols used in the research.

The treatment protocols used in the research are contrary to how acupuncture treatment is applied in clinical practice. Usually acupuncture needs to be administered for a series of treatments in order to achieve a therapeutic outcome. The results in the research therefore cannot be explained by Traditional Chinese Medicine nor by the current understanding of acupuncture. As a consequence, Dr Kirk Wilson at the Fertility and IVF Acupuncture clinic replicates the exact acupuncture treatment protocols in the research. This way, the success of the clinical trails has a greater chance of being achieved for each of his IVF patients. This is consistent with Dr Wilson’s attention to detail and his patient focused and results focused philosophies. Dr Wilson believes it is important for an acupuncturist to not be dogmatic and refuse to adopt what has been scientifically proven. For more information see “Do the acupuncture treatments before and after IVF transfer really make a difference?”.

At the Fertility and IVF Acupuncture clinic Dr Wilson has had instances where IVF patients have only wanted to receive either one acupuncture treatment before or after transfer. This request has often been made for purposes of convenience of the patient. Though the patient must be aware, if the acupuncture treatment protocol from the research is not replicated, the Fertility and IVF Acupuncture clinic cannot standby the therapeutic advantage as suggested by the research. Fertility patients must also be aware treatment protocols cannot be selectively mixed and matched to suit them. It must be remembered when you seek treatment at the Fertility and IVF Acupuncture clinic much of what you pay for is Dr Wilson’s expertise. He therefore encourages each IVF patient to get the most value out of their treatment by following his advice.

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