Testing your cervical mucus:

  • From day six in your cycle start to test your cervical mucus.
  • To do this, insert your finger at the entrance to your vagina and collect any mucus which is present. If you do not find any, carefully insert your finger to the entrance of your cervix.
  • On your BBT chart, rate your mucus in terms of “W” for watery, S” for sticky and “L” for lubricating. “W” is when the mucus is like water. “S” is when the mucus stretches between your fingers and starts to look like egg white. “L” is less thick and stretchy and feels lubricating and more slippery.
  • Rate the volume of your cervical mucus as either “L” for light, “M” for medium and “H” for heavy. Try your best with this rating and do not worry if you are unsure. It will become easier to rate as your mucus changes during your cycle.

Other things to take note of:

  • At the top of each column is the corresponding number of that day in the menstrual cycle. On the days you have sexual intercourse, circle that corresponding day number.
  • Write the date of each day in the allotted space. This will save potential confusion.
  • During menstruation, each day rate the colour of the blood as either light, medium or dark. “L” for light coloured watery blood. “M” for normal blood red coloured blood. “D” for dark, brown or even purple coloured blood.
  • Rate the volume of your menstrual blood as either “L” for light, “M” for medium and “H” for heavy.
  • Take note of any signs and symptoms you experience during your cycle. Examples of symptoms which are worth noting are mood changes/irritability, breast sensitivity, period pain and back pain etc. Record them in the space provided.

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